Collecting donations for the family after a tragic accident

We were devastated to hear about the horrific accident that happened last week, and have been inspired by the reaction and generosity of the community.

Here is an excerpt from the Crowdfunding page:

“Following a devastating accident that took the lives of beautiful Anna and her gorgeous niece Mili and leaving Sioned fighting for her life at Stoke Hospital, we as a close community are trying to raise funds for the family to use as they wish, to ease the financial burden of travel, hotel etc
We would like to convey are sincere condolences to Morrus, Meinir, Luke and the entire family and friends at this most terribly sad time.”

We also have a collection tin in the cafe where you can contribute to helping the family through this horrendous time, and we have also decided to donate 10p for every customer who comes to Lakeside this month.

Once more, our hearts go out to all of Anna and Sioned’s family and friends

Mystic Menu

We’re excited to have Cerris back for an evening of clairvoyance next Saturday! We don’t know what secrets she’ll uncover but we can predict that you’ll love our special menu!

Main courses are just £6.95, choose from:

Lobsgaws with baguette

Bekre meze with rice or chips

Chilli with rice or chips

Curry with rice or chips

Chicken pie with salad and sweet potato fries

Broccoli bake with salad and sweet potato fries

There will also be a range of delicious desserts to choose from, enjoy 2 courses for just £9.95!

Christmas Parties

It’s almost that time of the year again!

This year at Lakeside we won’t be running a traditional Christmas menu… We know that our customers are diverse and have different tastes and budgets, so we have decided to give you the freedom to tell us exactly what you want! 


nana and aj.jpg
The worlds best waitresses! 


We offer the classic options, turkey, salmon and nut roast, and look forward to hearing your suggestions and requests.

Simply talk to Mari about how much you want to spend, what you would like to eat, and the size of your party to organise your perfect, personal Christmas party at Lakeside.


mama christmas.jpg
Onesies optional. 



Bear Grylls crew come to Lakeside

Did you watch Bear’s Mission with Rob Brydon last week? Did you spot the celebrities wandering around Cwmorthin?

We were happy to welcome the film crew who made themselves at home in our little cafe last month and we’ve been bursting to spill the beans ever since!

office lakeside.jpg
Just another day at the office!


We had so much fun catering to the crew and helping them with their crazy plans!  We made some great friends, especially Tug the husky! (Don’t worry Nunu, you’re still our favourite!)

We can’t wait to see them again soon!

group outside Lakeide.jpg